Slide Converter

If you have boxes and boxes of 35mm slides tucked away in a closet, you’ll be glad to know that you can covert these slides to digital format with a slide converter. Those old slides probably hold years of memories, and you don’t want to just let them sit on a shelf. Most slide projectors weren’t used regularly even forty years ago, when slides were a popular way to present pictures of family events and vacations. Setting up the projector took time, and the slides had to be placed one at a time into the projector carousel. The same holds true today, and that is assuming that the slide projector is still in working condition. Using a slide converter to transfer your slides to a digital format on CD’s or DVD’s is a great way to make your pictures from years past accessible and easy to view.

There are several types of slide converters available, and many of these are under $100. One of the differences between slide converters and slide scanners is the number of slides that can be digitized at one time. Slide converters usually scan one slide at a time, but this is usually done within seconds. Slide scanners can typically digitize about forty slides at one time. If you are purchasing a slide converter, check to see how many slide trays come with the converter. Some slide converters have only one slide tray, and your project can become very tedious. It’s a good idea to purchase extra slide trays so you can set up several sets of slides at once to keep your project moving.

When you are searching for a slide converter, be sure to find out the number of megapixels the converter supports. A pixel is the smallest unit of a digital unit. An image with a greater number of pixels per inch (PPI) will have a better resolution than images with a lower number of PPI. The more megapixels the convertor’s sensors support, the sharper your digital images will be. This is especially important if you plan to make enlarged prints from your digital images.

Some consumers find that the slide converters they purchase do not meet their expectations. Common complaints include software that is difficult to manage, low quality images with poor resolution, and flimsy slide trays that fail to work properly. Extensive slide conversion projects may also be very time-consuming.

If you want your slides to be converted into digital images, using the services of a professional photography business may be your best bet. A service that offers slide conversion will save you time and money. Your slides will be converted to a digital format using state-of-the art equipment, resulting in digital images that are sharp and clear.