Convert Slides to Digital Images

Slides used to be a photographic standard for creating bright and crisp images. Digital photography is a professional method and the one recreational photographers trust on. Fortunately, turning slides into digital photographs is comparatively easy by utilizing either a digital camera or a film scanner.


Utilizing a digital camera to turn slides into digital photographs


Photographs created from slides can be viewed on television, PC or laptop or to make prints. Utilizing a digital camera may help a lot in acquiring the desired results. Shooting slides by making use of digital camera is faster. The digital camera that can take images up to five megapixels is highly recommended. Basically, there are 2 options available to utilize a digital camera in order to make digitized images from slides.


First is to save your slides on the computer desktop. Now capture images of each slide by using digital camera. In order to get great results, you need to set the camera up on a trivet. Manage exposure, focus and turn off the flash to get the best digital pictures.


The next way that can be followed through digital camera is taking close-up photos of the slides. Put all the slides on a light box and set camera to close-up feature. Now turn off the flash and take the slide photographs. Once again, a trivet will aid keeping the camera stable.


Utilizing a film scanner to turn slides into digital images


To obtain optimal quality images,when you convert slides to digital images film scanners are highly recommended. Slide and film scanners are made particularly for scanning negatives and slides. Some film scanners are available with their own software to run the process. Luckily, film scanners are comparatively inexpensive and enable slides to be scanned at various different resolution levels. Also Digital images taken from slides can be printed at the format of 8 x 10 and even larger.


Before starting, make sure to go through the instructions labeled with film scanner. Some slide or film scanners need software and driver to be installed on PCs before linking the scanner to a computer. When the software is installed, plug up the scanner’s USB cable into the computer. Eliminate the slides from metal frame and put into the cartridge available with film scanner. Slot-in the slide cartridge into film scanner as said in instructions and wait till image exposure does not adjust to users’ satisfaction. Now take the photo and repeat the procedure until all slides convert to digital photographs.


Creating digital images from old slides are perfect for making new family presentations, keepsakes with digital scrapbooks, graphics for family members and friends to watch online.