Convert Slides To Digital Format

In modern days the DVD video format of slide show is the finest way for presentations. Many people might have stored old formats of slides which are no more in use. The many 35mm slides must have found place in basements, drawers, attics and closets. These slides might have contained much information. Nowadays the slide projectors are not in use and no one likes to see those old fashioned slides. This problem can be overcome by converting slides to JPEG formats and storing them in CD or DVDs. This is the very convenient way to make use of your old slides.


When you convert slides to JPEG it will be stored in electronic format, which can be viewed easily in television and computer. The important benefit of converting slides to JPEG it will take less space for storage and you can organize your photos in order based on date, type, family and friends.

When you convert slides to JPEG format it is very easy to share them with other friends and relatives and you can take prints from them. You convert your slides to digital images by yourself. One of the simplest ways to convert your slides to Jpeg is that you should need digital camera. Other wise your old slides can be converted to JPEG hiring professional slide converting services.


The least expensive way to convert slides to JPEG format is by digital cameras. The slides picture must be taken from digital camera, for this tripod is necessary. In this process the camera must be kept at the extension bar pointing towards the floor. The slide projector box is placed underneath the camera and photos were taken. However this method takes too much of time and the quality of slides may be not so good.


The simple and most efficient way to convert slides to JPEG is by slice scanners. The scanners are the best equipments which are available in market with variety of styles. Some scanners perform many functions such as printing, copying and faxing.


All your 35mm slides can be preserved for life time in digital formats by scanning. The flatbed scanner or film scanner and computer are the essential equipments needed for this process. You can convert box of slides to a hard drive format with the latest technology.


The process of converting slides to JPEG is simple, the work flow includes, slide preparation, image editing, proper software. These converted JPEG formats can be used in internet and it can be printed. While converting slides to JPEG following steps must be followed.

- Choose a best scanner and select the slides which must be scanned and place them on slide holder. The flatbed scanner can be used for less number of slides where as the film scanners can be used for huge number of slides.

- The slides must be free of dust while scanning as this may give defects in JPEG format, so clean all the dust particles.

- Set up the scanning software and start scanning each slide. Most of the scanning software is able to produce the preview of the slides which helps you to make changes in your slides.

- Edit the scanned slide and save the images in a file. This can be converted to JPEG format by using JPEG image editing software.