Scan a Picture

Scanning images into computer means creating digital images which can be further edited; uploaded on websites and can also be saved in computers for personal use. People can share these scanned images with friends, family and relatives. There are various types of scanners available which have different configurations. A special type of hardware is required to scan a picture which is available in different styles and prices.


Scan a Picture


  • Connect the scanner to the computer and attach all the required cables. Scanner has two cords, one is electrical and the other connects to the computer.
  • After connecting the scanner, plug in the electrical cord and switch the scanner to on mode.
  • Insert the DVD of scanner into CD – ROM to install the scanner’s software. Simply follow the instructions and wait till the software gets downloaded.
  • After downloading the scanner’s software, open the lid of glass portion and place photograph on it. Make sure that glass should not be damaged or scratched.
  • Start scanning the image by simply following the given instructions. User has an option to save the image in any format like GIF, JPEG and TIFF.
  • Adjust the size of image if necessary and check the preview of image before scanning. After finishing the entire process, click on ‘Scan’ button to accomplish the scanning process. After that, as needed, click on Yes or No button to continue scanning more images.


Benefits of Scanning


  • Fingerprints on a picture can reduce the quality while scanning. So, scanning is a process that can preserve the pictures if they get destroyed by any case.
  • Scanning provides an option to the people where they can make amendments with the pictures and can offer a new look to the damaged photographs. The old photographs where quality has been reduced badly can be saved through scanning.
  • If a photograph has faded due to sunlight, scanning can help to correct the sunlight effect and get the actual picture back.
  • Photo scanning provides smooth replacement of a corroded or sticky picture and gives a new shiny appearance to it. This is the reason that it is highly recommended not to photograph with rubber cement or gum. There is a specific acid in rubber cement which can easily destroy the picture, crack the emulsion and can lead to permanent damage of photograph.


So, these are some useful instructions that should be kept in mind while preparing to scan a picture.