How to Transfer Pictures to CD

Technology has made us more and more dependent towards it. Our lives become extremely easier by the advent of digital technology. Digital camera is the latest technology in the camera market and there are different features of digital camera like the option of which photos you keep, how the pictures are stored and how your pictures get developed. Earlier, you need a photo lab, if you want to have your pictures to CD and they will do it for you. Currently, you can make it easily and rapidly on your home without any supplementary software. There are different guidelines given below which shows you how to send digital pictures to CD. For given below guidelines, you can use the windows picture gallery program.


1. First of all save the image, which you want to send to a CD in folder on your computer. Open this folder where your images are located. Put an empty CD in the recordable disc drive of the computer.


2. When the window pops up asking what you will like to do with the CD then select “open writable CD file”. And also windows photo folder to be opened to the left, the list of all videos and pictures. Now, there are two windows open on the desktop. One is this one and another is photo gallery. Choose the file which contains the images that you would like to move to the CD.


3. Click on the file then the photos on the file will show at the right side of the list. Click these pictures, which you want to transfer after pressing the Ctrl button. After selecting all the pictures, click on the burn icon in the tool bar showing on the top of the window.


4. While you are clicking on the burn option, there would be two choices shown. Below this is a video DVD and another one is data disc but you select data disc. You have a disc in the disc drive but if you do not have any disc in the CD drive then the window will pop up and force you to put a disc on the drive. Again click on the burn option, then the program will begin to transfer the folder to the disc.


5. Before the CD is evicted from the drive, the program will shut itself out. You should always be alert and ensure that there is a program or window which comes up describing this process. In case, it does not happen then the evicted CD do not have any picture on it.


Burning your photos in a CD is a simple process to move your digital images from one system to another. There will be an external source of back up while burning your photos in a disc. Though this is a well thought but it may go wrong with the computer as it leads to hard drive crashing. There is a lot of storage capacity in CDs and DVDs. So you can keep more and more images in them.