Transferring Negatives To Digital Format

The main question in everyone’s mind in this 21st century is why to transfer negatives to digital? My answer for this is working with images online has become very easy in current era. Many of us have our cupboards filled with the negatives, collecting dust. Instead of allowing our precious memories to perish lets make it digital, so that we can share it with our friends, or save it for longer time for our generations to come. You can even make a photo show after transferring your negatives into digital format and watch that on your television. You can even put music on the background and edit the pictures around it for getting a very great video.

If you are looking to transfer negatives in particular 35mm format to digital images, you need a negative scanner, either the flat bed scanner or a film scanner, which is specially designed for negative scanning purpose. It’s better to use film scanner to transfer negatives over flat bed scanner to get a better quality images with high contrast.

If you have lot of free time buy a negative scanner and use it to transfer negatives to digital that will be very economical. If you think your time is precious then go for some of the professional services which transfer negatives to digital format with high quality.

If you don’t want to hand it over your precious memories to some unknown person and still you don’t want to compromise with the quality of image than buy a professional scanner which is slightly expensive (around £1000) to do the high quality negative transfer. The £80 negative scanners are also available but the final result will not be as effective as you want.

Some of the ways to transfer negatives to digital includes

1. First you should have an adapter on your picture scanner. Put the adapter directly on the top of the scanner and then set the negatives on the top of the adapter. This will transfer your negatives directly on to the computers. After transforming it into the digital format you can store that negatives in any format that you want. You can even store them in DVD.
2. Another way to transfer the negatives to digital is to use converting machine. Just you need to slide the negatives through this machine and it will automatically get transferred to the computer. The cost of this converting machine is around $200 and using this machine you can transfer the negatives as you want. This will help you to preserve your memories for longer duration with minimal operating cost.

So, organize all your negatives. Put them onto your scanner or your converting machine. Press the start button and watch the transferring negatives to digital. Isn’t it very simple? You will understand this process completely only when you start it. Transferring negative to digital doesn’t take much time as the people think. It may take some of your precious time, can’t you spend few hours for storing your generations old negatives for lifetime.